RD20 Wireless Remote Display

The RD20 links directly with the new family of wireless receivers: LR30W, LR50W and LR60W.


The Spectra Precision® RD20 wireless in-cab remote display can quickly and easily be positioned in the cab, without cables, to improve visibility of the receiver grade information. Additionally, most receiver functions can now be controlled in the cab with the remote.


  • Large, bright, Red, Green and Blue elevation LEDs for High, On-grade and Low – colors are easy to distinguish for quick glance elevation location
  • Built in speaker provides distinct audible tones for High, On-grade and Low – recognize your grade without diverting your attention from the terrain
  • In-cab control setting capability for accuracy and LED brightness – change settings for various conditions without leaving the cab
  • Additional setting control capability – including plumb indication, blade tilt, laser offset, blade slope match – depending on receiver
  • Dual power options – internal battery and machine power – increase up time and productivity
  • State of the art radio – prevents interference even when multiple machines are working in the same area
  • Multiple mounting systems include bolt-on, adhesive, swivel and suction cup – allows mounting in most convenient location

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