Topcon TSshield

World’s first cloud-based total station management system!


TSshield provides reliable security, asset tracking, remote diagnostics and support.

The industry first! New function to protect your investment
The TSshield is a standard feature on all new models of Topcon Group total stations.
Its advanced communication system provides new opportunities and maintain your instrument.

Registration on TSshield is free of charge
The TSshield registration is free! Just register your user ID. Additional services will be available by subscription. Range and schedule of service differ by regions.

World’s first integrated support service only from Topcon

Topcon Total stations, equipped with the TSshield module which integrates communication and
GPS functions, can be connected to the Topcon’s support services through cloud.
TSshield is a brand new total station asset management system.

On-line Update

A message notifying a software updating appears on the screen of instrument.
You can update your instrument with the latest software at any time.

Remote Lock

Remote lock and unlock functions inactivates/activates your instrument.
The function is also useful as theft deterrent, and you can control authorized use of your instrument.



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