Topcon Pipe Lasers TP-L4

Topcon’s TP-L4 series of alignment lasers offer a combination of features and technology that are proven to meet the demands of contractors more than any other alignment lasers on the market.

  • World’s 1st ultra-visible GreenBeam®
  • World’s most accurate grade and leveling
  • World’s 1st SmartLine® auto-alignment system
  • All in the World’s toughest cast aluminum housing

Precision Gtade Setting for Peak Production

  • World’s most accurate leveling and grade system
  • Survey accurate electronic encoder superior at any grade
  • Reduces rework

World’s Only 3-way Beam (TP-L4AV)

  • Simplifies and shortens setup time
  • Instant, visible plumb reference
  • No more plumb bob hassles
  • Quick and accurate micro-tunneling setups

“Smart Line” (TP-L4AV/G)

Accelerate Production by Making Setup and Alignment Automatic Patented scanning technology allows the industry’s only fast, accurate one-person automatic alignment feature: the Smart Line.
For second day setups, enter the correct grade in the laser and position the target at the end of yesterday’s last section of pipe. Press the Smart Line button (on the laser or remote) and the laser automatically fi nds the target center, letting your crew start another day’s production without delay.

Widest Array of Power Management

  • Rechargeable battery pack means no cables to rip or break
  • Convenient 6 hour quick charge
  • 12vdc connection powers the laser and recharges the battery at the same time
  • Alkaline battery pack option

The Standard RC-200 Infrared Remote

  • Smart Line auto-alignment
  • Laser “standby” to save battery power
  • Beam Mode to precisely manage brightness
  • Auto-Centering
  • Grade Match for quick grade reference and elevation matching

Why green ?

Simple. You can see our Green Beam anywhere and under any conditions. It’s the most visible construction laser ever! In fact, the TP-L4G Green Beam is four times easier to find in bright sunlight than conventional beams. So setup, grading and pipe installation is fast and easy.


Laser Source 633nm Diode 532nm Diode 532nm Diode 633nm Diode
Beam Color Red Green Green Red
Smart Line Auto Alignment Yes Yes No No
Auto Line Centering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Grade Zeroing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plumb Reference Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plumb Reference Type Laser Diode LED LED LED
Smart Line Operating Range 500 ft (150m) 500 ft (150m) N/A N/A
Grade Range -15%~40% -15%~40% -15%~40% -15%~40%
Line Range ±15% ±15% ±15% ±15%
Horizontal Accuracy ±10″ ±10″ ±10″ ±10″
Battery Life
70hrs/48hrs 45hrs/32hrs 45hrs/32hrs 70hrs/48hrs
Housing Construction Cast Aluminum
Waterproof Depth At least 16.5 ft (5m) for 24 hours
Operating Temperature -4°F~122°F (-20℃~50℃)

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