Topcon Costruction Grade Management Software Pocket 3D


From initial localization to final As-built, Topcon’s Grade Management improves your workflow. Whether your projects are big or small, sitework or highways, Pocket 3D will make you more competitive by finishing jobs faster and more efficiently.


  • Industry’s easiest user interface
  • Move files from Pocket 3D to 3D Machines
  • Stakeout pads, roads/curbs, top and toe of slopes & daylight lines
  • Topo surfaces and calculate quantities
  • Compatible with all Topcon GPS+ and Robotic Systems


  • Real time cut/fill info anywhere, not just at stakes
  • Reduce survey costs by setting stakes/checking grade in-house
  • Bid verification – estimate more accurately
  • Rough stake a project for scrapers and dozers – start jobs faster
  • Calculate quantities of dirt moved – get paid for work completed

For use on:

  • Topcon GPS and Robotic measurement systems

With Pocket 3D, locate and verify anything on the site. Easily!


Combine Topcon’s GPS+ and Pocket 3D software to arm your crew with the perfect tool to take better control of all your construction jobsites. Pocket 3D will literally change the way you manage your sites. With this system, one grade checker can provide grade information to multiple machines over the entire jobsite, even moving job files directly from rover to machine. And if you choose to place stakes, you’ll save valuable time and money doing it yourself. Pocket 3D can stake out any portion of the job and provide cut/fill information anywhere.
With Topcon’s Grade Management System, you can quickly verify bid quantities before any dirt is moved, measure stockpile volumes, or check job progress to keep you on schedule. Mount a Topcon GPS+ Pocket 3D system on a pickup or 4 wheeler and drive the site to easily create topo surfaces. Pocket 3D compares the topo surface to the finish design, or previous file, to give you instant cut & fill volumes. And say goodbye to manual tie-outs, because relocating manholes or water valves is a breeze.

Network Ready


Most users rely on their own base stations for the necessary correction signal that makes GPS+ so amazingly accurate. But pre-existing networks are spreading rapidly. If there’s one in your area, you can dial in through your built-in cell modem, and spare theb expense of purchasing and maintaining your own base station. Only Topcon machine control systems are designed to run from either base stations or network signals, so you have the freedom of choice.

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