Topcon Total Station – IS (Imaging Station)

  • Scan with live images
  • 2000m(6,500ft) reflectorless measurement
  • Remote image display by TopSURV and Image Master
  • Powerful X-TRAC 8 Auto-Tracking Technology
  • Two Digital Cameras – wide angle and 30X tele-zoon

The high-speed scan“Grid Scan”


The high speed measurement Grid Scan obtains 3D data by automatic scanning at a specified pitch within a specified area. Using Topcon’s image analyzing software, 3D models can be created from the data.

Easy Scan Mode


Easy Scan Mode is employed to maximize the simplicity of scanning workflow.
With a standardized procedure flow, scans can be completed with enhanced work efficiency.

“Feature Scan” to assist area measurement


This method automatically extracts features (corners) from the image of a specified area. Together with the Grid Scan, it greatly enhances performance on every job.

Image Master for IS


With Image Master, TIN images can be formed from 3D point cloud data. Using TIN data, it is possible to create texture-mapped 3D data, which are available for various usages including calculating surface area, calculating volume, and measuring distance.

Remote Operation of IS


Image Master provides image and scan control of the IS through WLAN connection using the internal WLAN module. Remote operation is at your fingertips.

X-TRAC 8 – Advanced Auto-Tracking Technology


New X-TRAC 8 technology provides extremely quick and powerful auto-tracking
capability even under the harshest environments, enabling dramatic increase of
one-man survey efficiency.

Extremely powerful X-TRAC 8 technology provides:
• 1,000m long-range auto-tracking capability.
• Accurate tracking even in most obstructed sites or with intensive sunlight.
• RC-4 QuickLock remote option enables rapid prism search and lock for
one-man survey.

Increasing Communication Stability

The WT-100 acts as an access point for the IS instrument and a field
controller, increasing stability of data and image transmission. The IS can
be operated from distance of up to 300m(1,000ft) using real-time digital
camera images on a field controller’s screen.
*The range of wireless transmission varies according to the environmental
status such as barriers and obstacles. Direct the antenna of the WT-100
toward the IS for seamless communication.

Two Built-in Digital Cameras -Wide Angle and Tele-Zoom


You can view the surrounding area and focus on the object with the wide angle camera and use the tele-zoom through 30x optical lens for the precise collimation. The clear tele-zoom image is displayed through the automatic focus adjustment. The images are stored in the internal memory as well as being displayed on
the screen.

One-man Survey System – QuickLock and stable WLAN connection


When combined with a data collector and RC-4 system, the IS is perfect for a one-man survey system. The IS represents the third generation of Topcon’s world’s first QuickLock technology. By just pressing a button, the RC-4 reacquires the IS again easily and quickly. With its stable WLAN connection, and smooth, fast live video operation, the IS ensures a stress-free, efficient survey.

Continuous Monitoring


Whether done with mounted prisms or reflectorlessly, this monitoring function
compliments the everyday use function of our robotic surveying.

“Touch Drive” to handle the instrument


Touching the object on the image causes the instrument to rotate to the tapped object. The telescopic-view image provides zoom display with the same view angle of telescope. The Touch Drive also enables pinpoint measurement that allows the accurate collimation just like looking in the telescope.

Quick Reference Chart of Image Master series

Functions For IS Pro Std
Import Point File
Point Cloud File
Shape File
Ortho-image File
TopSURV Scanning File
Export Point File
Point Cloud File
Shape File
Ortho-image File
Survey Tools Point, Polyline
Contour Lines
Elevation Text
Cross Section
Texture Mapping
Area Surface
IS Remote access
Stereo Image Measurement


Application Software



  • Image Master Pro
    Complete version of Image Master Suites.In addition to all the functions of Image Master Std, strong 3D Photogrammetry measurement by digital cameras is supported.
  • Image Master Std
    Upgrade version of Image Master for IS. Survey tools like Contour Line, Cross Section, Area, Volume calculations are supported.


Model IS301 IS303 IS305
Telescope Length 165mm
Objective Lens 45mm(EDM49mm)
Magnification / Minimum Focus 30x / 1.4m
Image Erect
Field of View 1°30′
Resolving Power 3″
Minimum Focus 1.4m
Angle Measurement Method Absolute Reading
Minimum Reading 0.5″/1″ 1″/5″ 1″/5″
(0.1/0.2mgon) (0.2/1mgon) (0.2/1mgon)
Accuracy 1″(0.3mgon) 3″(1mgon) 5″(1.5mgon)
Tilt Correction / Compensating Range Dual Axis / Compensating Range : ±6′
Distance Measurement Prism Mode: 1prism Condition1 *1 3,000m(9,842ft)
Prism Mode: 3prisms Condition1 *1 4,000m(13,123ft)
Prism Mode: 9prisms Condition1 *1 5,000m(16,404ft)
Accuracy: Fine0.2mm/1mm ±(2mm+2ppmxD)m.s.e
Non-Prism Mode *2 1.5m – 250m
Non-Prism Accuracy *2: Fine0.2mm/1mm ±(3mm)m.s.e
Non-Prism Long Mode *2 5m – 2,000m
Non-Prism Long Accuracy*2 *3: Fine1mm ±(10mm+10ppmxD)m.s.e
Image Sensor Wide Angle of field : 33°/ 1.3M Pixel
Telescope Angle of field : 1°/ 1.3M Pixel
Image Speed 10frame / sec
Auto-Collimating / Auto-Tracking / Motor Driving Rotating Speed Max.85°/sec
Coarse Movement Shuttle Driving (7steps)
Fine Movement Jog Driving (minimum step about 1 second)
Auto-Tracking Range *1: Prism Type 2 1.5m to 1,000m
Auto-Tracking Range *1: Pinpole Prism 1.5m to 600m
Auto-Tracking Range *1: A6/A7 360°Prism 5m to 600m
Auto-Tracking Speed Max.15°/sec
Auto-Collimating Area ±5°
Auto-Tracking / Auto-Collimating Laser Class1(invisible laser)
Auto-Collimating Accuracy*4(Repeated reproducibilityσ1) 1.2mm or below (stand still 100m or below)
Scan Mode Scan Range 250m (Non-Prism Mode)
2,000m (Non-Prism Long Mode)
Scan Speed Max.20pts/sec
Standard Deviation 5mm
Coordinates Accuracy 12mm
Computer Unit Operating System / Processor Windows® CE.NET5.0/Intel PXA255 400MHz
Memory 128MB RAM, 2MB Flash ROM, 1GB micro SD Card
Display 3.5inch TFT Color LCD,Touch Screen
Interface RS-232C / CompactFlash / USB(TypeA,TypeminiB)
Wireless Communication Bluetooth Communication distance : About 5m / Ver.1.2 / Class2
SS Wireless Function Communication distance : About1,000m*5 / Transmission output max 100mW
Wireless LAN Function Transmission specifications : IEEE802.11b/g
Others Dust / Water Protection IP54(IEC60529)
Ambient Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C(-4°F to +122°F)
Size 338(H)x220(W)x185(L)mm
Instrument Height 196mm
Weight Instrument 6.2kg, Battery (BT-65Q) 0.2kg Tribrach 0.7kg
Rechargeable Battery BT-65Q DC7.4V, 5000mAh
Maximum Operating Time (at+20°C, when not using assist-focus) Normal use(when using wireless LAN) : 2.7h*6 /
Continuous Scanning : 3h*7

*1 Condition1:Slight haze with visibility about 20km,moderate sunlight with light heat shimmer.

*2 Kodak gray card white surface

*3 Up to 500m

*4 The air condition is stable and prism is staying. Automatic Collimation accuracy is available only for prism use except for
reflector tape.
*5 Wireless communication range may vary depending on obstruction and other environmental conditions.

*6 Continuous double face observations using automatic collimation

*7 When not using wireless LAN and SS wireless


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