The GB-1000 and GB-500 provide advanced Topcon dual-frequency, dual-constellation, GPS+ receiver board design inside a rugged, compact housing.
Topcon Positioning Systems, through our advanced ParadigmTM chip technology, is the first manufacturer to offer complete customization of the receiver you purchase. Following the tradition of other Topcon GPS+ receivers, this new model also provides complete user customization and upgradeable



The GB-1000 offers a built in LCD display and operation panel. This display and interface is ideal for checking satellite and receiver status, initializing RTK base operation, or managing static surveying operations. The GB-1000 also provides a Compact-Flash memory card slot and advanced communication support. With USB, serial, and Ethernet connections, nearly all communication links are supported including LAN, WAN, and Internet connectivity.


The GB-500 provides a simple MINTER display with LEDs providing satellite tracking, battery, and recording status. Both receivers hold two removable Li-Ion handy-cam batteries that you can hot-swap for constant operation, or use optional external power.


GB-1000 GB-500
Tracking Specifications Tracking Channels, standard 40 L1 GPS (20 GPS L1+L2 on Cinderella Days)
Tracking Channels, optional 20 GPS L1+L2, GLONASS
Signals Tracked, standard 20 L1/L2, C/A, P-Code, Full Cycle Carrier
Measurement Modes Static/Rapid Static, RTK Kinematic
Continuous mode and Stop & Go mode)
Performance Specifications* Static, Rapid Static H: 3mm + 0.5ppm (x base line length)
V: 5mm + 0.5ppm (x base line length)
RTK H: 10mm + 1ppm
V: 15mm + 1ppm
Physical Specifications Dimensions: Size 150 × 257 × 63 (mm)
Dimensions: Weight 1.0 kg (without batteries)
1.2 kg (with 2 internal batteries)
Antenna External
Tripod Clip Standard Attachment
Modem Optional External
Power Specifications Power Supply Removable Li-Ion Internal (hot swappable)
Optional External
Operating time 7 hours (2× Internal Batteries)
Battery Charger Integrated and External
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature -20℃~ +55℃/ -30°F~ +60°F
Waterproof Rating IP66
Humidity 95%
I/O – Panel Specifications Ports 3 Serial Port
1 US
1 Ethernet (10BASE-T)
1 Ext Powe
1 Antenna
3 Serial Ports
1 Ext. Power
1 Antenna
Serial Speed Max 460, 800 Max 460, 800
Optional I/O signals/ports 1-PPS, 1-Even 1-PPS, 1-Event
Control Panel User Interface 160×64 dot LC
20 Char x 4 Line
(Satellite Status, 2 Battery Status, Key Lock Status and Recording Status)
Buttons 9 Button
(Power, 4-Direction Cursor ESC, ENTER, MENU, 4-Function keys)
3 Buttons
(Power, Record, Lock)
Memory & Recording Raw Data Memory Internal Memory
Selectable: 4MB to 1GB
Additional Memory Compact Flash Card Slot – Type 2
Logging Intervals Up to 20 times per second (20 Hz)
RTK Ambiguity Initialization OTF
Communication Formats CMR+, CMR, RTCM 2.3, TPS
Multi Base RTK Supported

* GPS+ Performance and accuracy specifications are dependent on conditions; assume a quality GPS/GLONASS constellation above 15°in elevation and operation of the receiver in adherence with procedures described in the TPS receiver operation manuals. In areas susceptible to high levels of multipath, during periods of high DOP, and during periods of ionospheric disturbance, performance may be degraded.

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