Topcon GNSS HiPer Ga/Gb



Topcon’s Simple and Easy RTK base and rover solution featuring digital radio, Bluetooth wireless technology. Dual constellation upgradeability (Ga model only)

  • Innovative, cable-free system design
  • GPS and Glonass satellite system tracking (Ga model only)
  • Advanced Digital Radio Communications System
  • Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Powerful 40 channel GNSS board operating at up to 20Hz (Ga model only)
  • User selectable and upgradeable internal memory (Ga model only)
  • Rugged, waterproof, field proven system design

HiPer Ga

HiPer Ga

The HiPer Ga features GPS satellite tracking capability standard, with the added bonus of optional GLONASS satellite tracking upgradeability via OAF activation code. Software-based OAF upgradeability means there’s no hardware changes or modifications required. Your local Topcon dealer can upgrade your HiPer Ga while you wait in most cases.
The HiPer Ga can be configured as a cable-free base and rover system for traditional applications, or as two rover receivers from a fixed base station or a GNSS network system, via radio or cellular communication.

HiPer Gb

HiPer Gb

The HiPer Gb provides similar hardware functionality to the Ga, but with GPS only tracking capabilities. The HiPer Gb is a very economical or can be used as a two rover system working from a fixed base station (UHF broadcast reference capability only). The HiPer Gb provides a fully functional GPS RTK system that can also be used for traditional static observations, at a price that fits any budget.

If you’re looking for an Simple and Easy RTK solution that provides advanced technology, wireless system design, and rugged, waterproof construction look no further. Topcon’s Green Label HiPer Ga and HiPer Gb are the cost-effective answer you’ve been waiting for!



  • 100% digital radio delivers longer range in difficult conditions than older UHF technology
  • incredibly small size! Only 6″ × 2.0″ × 2.8″ (H×W×D)
  • Pacific Crest PDL and Trimtalk compatible
  • Jobsite tough…100% dustproof and rainproof with IP66 environmental rating!
  • Wide frequency range of 410MHz to 470MHz with programmable bandwidths
  • Compatible with HiPer+, HiPer XT, and GR-3 UHF integrated rover receivers and all Topcon RTK base receivers


Hiper Ga
GPS and GLONASS L1/L2 C/A, P-Code,
Full Code & Carrier
Signals Tracked:
Hiper Gb
GPS Only L1/L2 C/A, P-Code,
Full Cycle
Carrier Channels 40 channels L1/L2
WAAS/EGNOS Available
Cold Start < 60 sec
Warm Start < 10 sec
Reacquisition < 1 sec
Multi-path mitigation Advanced muti-path mitigation
ACCURACY Static, Fast Static: L1+L2 H: 3mm+0.5ppm × D, V: 5mm+0.5ppm × D
Static, Fast Static: L1 H: 3mm+0.8ppm × D, V: 4mm+1.0ppm × D″
RTK L1+L2/L1
H: 10mm+1ppm × D, V: 15mm+1ppm × D″
WAAS/EGNOS Differential Accuracy < 5m 3DRMS*1
DGPS Post Processing 0.3m
DGPS/RTCM < 0.5m
Initialize ambiguity OTF
RTK Fix Reliability 99.9%, 99.5%, 95% Selectable
PHYSICAL Dimensions(mm) W:159 × H:173 × D:113
Weight 1.65kg
Enclosure Aluminum Extrusion
Antenna Internal
POWER Battery Type Internal battery, Li-ion (4400mA/7.4V),
Battery size(mm) 132 × 35 × 18
Battery weight 1 65g
Number of batteries 2 batteries
Operating time 10 hours with TX, 12 Hours with RX mode,
16 hours in static only mode
Output power 12V
ENVIRONMENT Operating Temp. -30℃~ +60℃
Storage Temp. -40℃~ +75℃
Waterproof Yes
Humidity 95%
CONNECTOR AND I/O Connector 2-Serial Port, 1-USB, 1-Ext.Power,
1-Modem antenna
Serial speed Maximum up to 460800
Bluetooth Standard (internal)
Control panel MINTER, 4LED × 3 color
MEMORY CAPACITY Standard Ga – 32MB, Gb – 8MB
Maximum Ga – upgradeable to128MB,
Gb – not upgradeable
Type Onboard
Logging Time 1080 hours
(128MB, 15sec, L1/L2 and 6 satellites)
RTK COMMUNICATIONS Modem Type Internal Digital TX/RX /DSP
Output Power Selectable up to 1W (in 1dB steps)
Frequency Range 410-470 MHz programmable
Maximum Range 3.5 to 5 miles with optimal conditions*2
Channel Spacing 25kHz or 12.5kHz selectable
RTK Update rate Ga: 5Hz, upgradeable to 20Hz
Gb: 5Hz
Latency 25msec
Format CMR2, CMR+, RTCM 2.1, 2.3, 3.0, TPS

Cellular Modem Support External capable (Ga receiver model only)

*1 = Depends on WAAS/EGNOS system performance
*2 = Radio performance depends on atmospheric conditions and terrain

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